Saturday, 31 May 2008

The last day of May

I climbed Mount Everest and conquered it... YAY!!!!
The feeling when you get to the top is amazing.. Truly!!
Ok so my Mount Everest was actually Mount Ironing and it is done. I know that some of you people dont believe in ironing but it just had to be done. It was spreading and spreading and taking over the house.

The last month has been hard trying to post every day and I have only not posted once which is not bad really. I wasnt going o do it again but the topic for this June is Home, Home is something that is very important to me so I may just have to post again for June. Please forgive me if I dont get it done every day.. The days I work are pretty dull as I am sure you wouldnt want to hear about my day at work but I have afew ideas for Home...

We are hoping to go camping in a couple of weeks time and have spent the day looking at various tents, ours is just not big enough for the four of us. It is amazing how much stuff you end up taking and I am talking essentials NOT the tv or DVD player. It has been a super week been with the children and now we only have seven weeks to go until the end of term and then we have the summer holidays.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Sarah xxx


quiltdude said...

Oh I know that top of the mountain feeling all too well, ironing for a family of 6 is no fun at all, but when the pile is gone,there is huge satisfaction at having done it.
Good luck with the tent buying, we have a huge 3 bedroom tent and it's like a second home, we can fit all our stuff in it and still have room to sit and play games.
X Clare

Levin (and Emily) said...

i'd really like to go camping one day. i hope your trip goes well and that you find the perfect tent. i don't know about england, but here in australia tents are really quite cheap - it's amazing - unlike caravans, which cost about as much as a house!!! lol
i'm impressed that you managed to post almost every day - i'm struggling to post once a week and i'm not working at the moment.
looking forward to your home posts.