Thursday, 8 May 2008

Home Grown

We have been busy with planting this last few days, we have a porch on the front of the house which gets alot of sun, this warms it up to a nice temperature so we can use it to bring plants on before transfering them to the vegetable patch at the back of the house. We have planted 5 Tomato plants,
Marigolds as they apparently help with whitefly, they either repell them or the flies are more attracted to the flowers and will leave the vegetables alone. I will let you know, last year we had lots of whitefly so should hopefully not have so much of a problem. You cant see them all but there are, Peas, Coriander, Blackberrys, Courgettes, Beans, Cucumber, Peppers, Chilli Peppers, White Turnips and


Here is a shot which shows a little more but not everything would fit in.
My Hubby bought me a Blackberry bush for the back garden, last year we picked loads of berrys when we went to the lake district but he stole them all to make Blackberry Wine. He is making up for it by buying me my own, we wot really get anything this year I guess but perhaps next. Hope you are all having wonderful weather. Pop by Barbara at Warm Woolen Mittens She is also posting everyday for this month, her blog is full of Wonderful pictures of the Scotish Countryside and she is a very talented lady with the sewing machine.


periwinkle said...

Marigolds did work with our tomatoes when we grew them so good luck.. I'm off down the park now :-)
Lisa x

Barbara said...

Hi Sarah, your planting looks great. I love blackberries. We've done some seed planting using cardboard tubes as pots (recycling loo rolls). No doubt I'll blog about it soon!!

Pixiedust said...

Hi Sarah, your doing better than me, I still haven't got in the garden yet to sort it out.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow! Everything is growing so well! I hope the marigold/tomato combo works for you - I tried it last year too but forgot to really think about whether it worked or not!!!

Lucy x