Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I am so lucky

I had a wonderfull time today as I took off early and spent the day with my Mum and Sister. We had a look around some of the shops and had a lovely lunch. I would have take a picture of the cake but I ate it too quickly and all that was left were a couple of crumbs (Carott cake, Lovely)..

My Mum has been having a sort out and had some things mainly from her sewing room for me and been the kind daughter that I am I was only TOO happy to take them off her hands. I cant possibly show you everything that I got as it will be the longest post ever but take a look at the next picture of the boot of my huge estate car and you will get the idea of just how much I came away with.

The books are actually hiding alot as there is another bag underneath them. My poor Hubby been the kind gentleman that he is never said a word when I asked him to reverse the car into the drive for me. He just looked at the back of the car, said something under his breath and smiled.
I thought that I would show you some of the things that I was VERY lucky to be given. All of these things apart from the ribbons were made by my GreatGrandmother who was born in 1892 and her sister Emma who was born in 1872. My GreatGrandmother was raised by her sister when their mother died, their were eleven brothers and sisters.

The top one was used to trim the edge of a pillow case and the two on the bottom are ribbons.


This was a collar from a dress or a blouse and has been trimmed with lacework on the bottom.
We think that the top is a cuff from a dress, it looks and feels very delicate. The bottom crochet.

I love all of these but this has to be my favourite, it is crochet and is the cuff from a dress. I would love to have clothes like this, all made to look beautiful with ribbons and lacework. My sister thinks that I was born in the wrong period. I would love to be able to time travel to other times in History, I may not want to live there for long but to experience these places and times would be wonderful for a short time. Would you like to time travel? Where would you go to?
Iam not sure exactly how old these things are but they are so lovely. My GreatGrandmother was married in 1912 , this is a photograph of her on her wedding day.
I am lucky that my Grandmother kept things and have a box full of newspaper cuttings and birth certificates so that I am able to find out information about my family and complete a family tree.
I will show wome of the other things another time, I just have to find somewhere to put them now.


twiggypeasticks said...

What a lovely post,I bet you'll treasure the lace and crochet items. Your car looks very full what a generous mum you have :)
Twiggy x

Levin (and Emily) said...

i'm born in the wrong era too!!
i would love to go back but i guess living back then wouldn't have been easy - there is a lot we take forgranted these day. but on the other side, i think the simplicity of the life they had then was good. i like the fact that lots was home made and everything was re-used.

when we migrated, we pretty much left behind all our history and my mum is not someone who holds on to things, so i feel like my past is lost a bit. this could explain why i hate throwing things out. and why i love taking other peoples old 'junk'.

ps i didn't get your email. but i think i owe you one. hopefully soon.

Vanessa said...

Hi Sarah,

I did exactly the same thing today with me, my mum and sister even down to the carrot cake.

I have to say not exactly the same, as my mum did not give me a stash like yours, lucky buggar!

Have a good B/H weekend.

Vanessa x

Pixiedust said...

Lovely stuff Sarah. I too was born in the wrong time. I would have like to have been born in the early 50's, so I could have a 50's and 60's exsistance, a much slower paced and nicer way of life, like the darling buds of may. BUT i also love medieval clothes so would love to visit that period in time. I'd love a wardrobe of beautiful dresses from defferent periods in time. xxx

Barbara said...

You lucky thing Sarah. What a generous mum you have to fill up the boot of your car like that. I hope you'll do a few posts we can drool over when you get it sorted! The lacy bits are gorgeous.
I love the old photo too. Funnily enough I have a post planned with old pics soon.
I would have enjoyed wearing the dresses from Jane Austen's time for sure. Just sitting about doing embroidery and playing the piano. Swooning over handsome chaps!

quiltdude said...

what a lovely day you have had. I wish my mum had kept things from her mother and grandmother but she considers all that type of thing as clutter! Even photographs!
I too think I was born in the wrong era, I should have been a pioneer woman.
X Clare

periwinkle said...

Lucky you, I know you'd said you had got some stuff but that is a whole lot of stuff!
Lisa x