Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Dashing Around

I am supposed to be posting every day for this challenge and the topic they give is voices although you can post about aything you want to.
I dont have any pictures for you today as all that I would be able to show would be washing, dashing to town for birthday gifts and then the water all over the kitchen floor from the washing machine. Bleurgh !!! So much for a day off work.

As for voices I have two little voices sat right by me now who are eating their tea and chatting about their game of football in the garden. My son has a friend over for tea and would you believe how much noise two 6 year olds can make?

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Levin (and Emily) said...

oh yes! i can very much imagine how much noise they are making. i've noticed that having two boys myself, things are a lot noisier - but it's good. sometimes i have to remove myself as i'm not a noisy person - but it's good to know they are happy.
happy wedding anniversary for tuesday. isn't it lovely to find someone you really love - such a blessing.